Privacy Policy

JennyCo Inc.

JennyCo Inc (“JennyCo”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) is committed to protecting individual privacy and securing the personal information you provide us when you visit, submit a form, and/or make a purchase from (the “Website”), any of our partner sites, as well as our pages on third-party sites (such as our profiles on social networks) (collectively, “Our Sites”).

This privacy policy describes what information is made available to JennyCo and third parties when you visit Our Sites, and how JennyCo uses and stores that information. Please note that this privacy policy applies only to information we collect from you through Our Sites and does not apply to our collection of information through other methods, the information provided to us by third parties, or information you provide to third parties.

We believe strongly in fundamental privacy rights — which should not differ depending on where you live in the world. That is why we treat any data related to an identified or identifiable individual or linked or linkable to them by JennyCo as “personal data,” no matter where the individual lives. This means that data that directly identifies you — such as your name — is personal data, and data that does not directly identify you but that can reasonably be used to identify you — such as the serial number of your device or a DNA test — is personal data. Aggregated data is considered non-personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

Great privacy rests on excellent security, amplified by an immutable blockchain. We use administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your personal data, considering the nature of the personal data and the processing and the threats posed. We are constantly working to improve these safeguards to help keep your data secure. For more information, visit our JennyCo Platform Security guide.

This Privacy Policy covers how JennyCo handles personal data, whether you interact with us on our websites, through JennyCo apps, or in person (including by phone). JennyCo may also link to third parties on our services or make third-party apps available for download in our App Shopping Cart or Store. JennyCo’s Privacy Policy does not apply to how third parties define personal data or how they use it. We encourage you to read their privacy policies and know your privacy rights before interacting with them.


We will revise or update this policy if our practices change, or as we develop better ways to keep you informed about them. You should refer to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. If we decide to change this policy, we will post a new policy on our site and change the date at the bottom. Changes to the policy shall be effective immediately upon posting, but will not apply retroactively.

Your HIPAA and Privacy Rights at JennyCo

At JennyCo, we respect your ability to know, access, correct, transfer, restrict the processing of, and delete your personal data, you own. We have provided these HIPPA (and GDPR) Compliant rights to our global customer base. If you choose to exercise these privacy rights, you have the right not to be treated in a discriminatory way nor to receive a lesser degree of service from JennyCo. In addition, JennyCo will not sell your data, including as “sale” is defined in Nevada and California, to any third party unless given direct permission by you or any group in which you are a participant. Please see for more information. Or for more details.

To exercise your privacy rights and choices, including where a third-party service provider is acting on JennyCo’s behalf, visit the JennyCo Data and Privacy page at privacy.Jennyco.ioTo help protect the security of your personal data, you must sign in to your account, and your identity will be verified. If the Data and Privacy page is unavailable in your region, you can request privacy rights at

There may be situations where we cannot grant your request — for example, if you ask us to delete your transaction data and JennyCo is legally obligated to keep a record of that transaction to comply with the law. We may also decline to grant a request where doing so would undermine our legitimate use of data for anti-fraud and security purposes, such as when you request the deletion of an account that is under investigation for security concerns. Other reasons your privacy request may be denied are if it jeopardizes the privacy of others, is frivolous or vexatious, or would be highly impractical.

If you live in California and cannot access JennyCo’s Data and Privacy page, you or your authorized agent can make a request at 


What information do we collect?

At JennyCo, we believe that you can have great products and great privacy. Therefore, we strive only to collect personal and healthcare data that helps our artificial intelligence engine make reliable recommendations. The personal data JennyCo collects depends on how you interact with JennyCo. Descriptions of how JennyCo handles personal data for certain individual services are available either in settings related to those features and/or at All personal data is stored in a HIPAA-Compliant De-Identified manner.

When you create a JennyCo ID, apply for commercial credit, purchase and/or activate a product or device, download a software update, register for a Telemedicine visit, connect to our services, contact us (including by social media), participate in an online survey, buy diagnostic or DNA tests from us, join a group or DAO, or otherwise interact with JennyCo, we may collect a variety of information, including:

Account Information. Your JennyCo ID and related account details, including email address, devices registered, account status, and age.

Mobile Device Information. Data from which your device could be identified, such as device serial number, or about your device, such as browser type.

Contact Information. Data such as name, email address, physical address, phone number, or other contact information.

Payment Information. Data about your billing address and method of payment, such as bank details, credit, debit, or other payment card information.

Transaction Information. Data about purchases of JennyCo products and services or transactions facilitated by JennyCo, including purchases on JennyCo groups, DAOs, or platforms.

Fraud Prevention Information. Data used to help identify and prevent fraud, including a device trust score.

Usage Data. Data about your activity on and use of our offerings, such as app launches within our services, including browsing history; search history; product interaction; crash data, performance, other diagnostic data; and other usage data.

Location Information. Precise location only supports epidemiology and disease outbreak information, living conditions, air-quality information, and public health initiatives.

Health Information. Data relating to the health status of an individual, including data about one's physical or mental health or condition, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Pharmacy information, laboratory testing results, DNA testing results, and any other related records (as described in the chart below). Personal health data also includes data that can be used to make inferences about or detect an individual's health status. If you participate in a study using a JennyCo Health Research Study app or DAO, the policy governing the privacy of your personal data is described in the JennyCo Health Study and Data Mining Policy.

Fitness Information. Details relating to your fitness and exercise information where you choose to share them.

Financial Information. Details including salary, income, and assets information collected, and information related to JennyCo-branded financial and/or Token (JCO) offerings.

Government ID Data. In certain jurisdictions, we may ask for a government-issued ID in limited circumstances, including when setting up a wireless account and activating your device, for the purpose of extending commercial credit, managing reservations, or as required by law.

Other Information You Provide to Us. Details include the content of your communications with JennyCo, including interactions with customer support and contacts through social media channels.

You are not required to provide the personal data that we have requested. However, if you choose not to do so, in many cases, we will not be able to provide you with our products or services or respond to requests you may have.

Personally Identifiable Information. Our definition of personally identifiable information (“PII”) includes any information that may be used to specifically identify or contact you, such as your name, mail address, phone number, etc. As a general policy, we do not automatically collect your personally identifiable information. JennyCo collects PII from you when ordering or registering on our site, and, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your: name, email address, mailing address, or phone number. For example, by completing a “Contact Us” form, signing up for our email list, or leaving a comment, we may use that information to respond to your message and/or to help us get you the information or services you requested. Submitting this personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) is voluntary; however, in many instances this type of information is required to participate in a particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access to certain content or features available through Our Sites. JennyCo will retain this information.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information. Our definition of non-personally identifiable information is any information that does not personally identify you. Non-personally identifiable information can include certain personally identifiable information that has been de-identified; that is, information that has been rendered anonymous. We obtain non-personally identifiable information about you from information that you provide us, either separately or together with your personally identifiable information. JennyCo also automatically collects certain non-personally identifiable information about your activities when you visit Our Sites. This information can include:

  • Information about your device, including information about your web browser;
  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address. A computer’s IP address establishes its location on the internet and allows other computers, such as those hosting Our Sites, to send it content and other information;
  • The internet domain name when a computer accesses the internet through a domain, such as from a corporation (“”) or university (“”);
  • The date, time, and duration of a website visit; • If a computer accesses a page on Our Sites via a link on another page, the URL of that referring, third-party page;
  • Information about the computer set-up, such as the type and version of web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 5.0), operating system (e.g., Unix, Mac OS, MS Windows), Java support (yes or no), Flash version (e.g., 10.1 r85), screen resolution (e.g., 1280×800), and connection speed (e.g., DSL, T1);
  • The specific pages a computer accesses when it requests information from Our Sites; and
  • The amount of data (measured in a number of bytes) transmitted from Our Sites to a computer.

JennyCo does not use this information to identify or track the browsing of individual users. We do use it to generate aggregate statistics about how Our Sites are used.

Third-Party Content. Some pages on Our Sites may include web content or functionality from third parties, such as embedded videos hosted by third-party services. For example, content or functionality from the following third parties may be present on some of Our Site's pages:; SlideShare;

Third-Party Policies. These third parties may use web measurement and customization technologies (such as cookies) in conjunction with the provision of this content or functionality. You should consult the privacy policies of these third parties for further information. We do not knowingly use third-party tools that place a multi-session or persistent cookie prior to the user interacting with the tool, for example, by playing an embedded video. “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier.

For more information about cookies and how to disable cookies, visit

Children and Personal Data

JennyCo understands the importance of safeguarding the personal data of children, which we consider to be individuals under the age of 13 or the equivalent age as specified by law in your jurisdiction. That is why JennyCo has implemented additional processes and protections to help keep children's data safe.

To access certain JennyCo services, a child must have a child JennyCo ID. A child JennyCo ID may be created by the parent or, in the case of a Managed JennyCo ID, by the child's legal guardian.

Parents. Parents must review the Family Privacy Disclosure for Children to create a child account, which describes how JennyCo handles children's personal data. If they agree, the parent must provide JennyCo with verifiable parental consent.

If we learn that a child's data was collected without appropriate authorization, it will be deleted as soon as possible.

To exercise privacy rights for your child's information, visit the JennyCo Data and Privacy page and sign in to their account.

How do you collect the information?

JennyCo may receive personal data about you from other individuals, from businesses or third parties acting at your direction, from our partners who work with us (Laboratories, Hospitals, etc.) to provide our products and services and assist us in security and fraud prevention, and from other lawful sources.

Individuals. JennyCo may collect data about you from other individuals — for example, if that individual has sent you a product or gift card, invited you to participate in a JennyCo DAO/Group service or forum, or shared content with you.

At Your Direction. You may direct other individuals or third parties to share data with JennyCo. For example, you may direct your mobile carrier to share data about your carrier account with JennyCo for account activation or for your loyalty program to share information about your participation so that you can earn rewards (Tokens) for JennyCo purchases.

JennyCo Partners. We may also validate the information you provide — for example, when creating a JennyCo ID with a third party for security and fraud-prevention purposes.

For research and development purposes, we may use datasets that contain images, voices, or other data that could be associated with an identifiable person. When acquiring such datasets, we do so in accordance with applicable law, including the law in the jurisdiction in which the dataset is hosted. When using such datasets for research and development, we do not attempt to reidentify individuals who may appear therein.

PII. PII is submitted by you into the forms on Our Sites.

Non-PII. JennyCo uses web measurement and customization technologies to make and our partner sites function better for visitors and to better understand how the public is using the website. This means that when you visit a page on or a partner site, the internet browser on your computer may download and save a small file (commonly called a “cookie”) so that our website can recognize your specific computer and browser when you use Our Sites in the future. These technologies fall into the following categories:

  • Session cookies are used for technical purposes, such as enabling better navigation through the site, facilitating the use of user accounts, and generating aggregated statistics about how the website is used. Single-session or session cookies last only as long as a web browser is open. Once the browser is closed, the data files on your computer are deleted.
  • Persistent cookies last beyond a single session of browsing a website; this allows a website to recognize a computer or user for a defined amount of time. Persistent cookies are used to recognize a computer that has previously visited Our Sites, which can improve a user’s experience, for example, by continuing preference settings from previous visits. When a visitor views a welcome, also known as a “landing page” – Our Sites set a persistent cookie to prevent them from seeing that page repeatedly. This cookie does not collect personal identifying information. Our Sites set other persistent cookies to measure website metrics, such as which pages are popular and how often people visit the website. These cookies do not collect personal identifying information.

Analytics. JennyCo Inc uses third-party analytics providers, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics to analyze the data collected through session and persistent metrics cookies to enhance Our Sites, our services, and our advertising. The third-party analytics providers do not receive PII through these cookies and do not combine, match, or cross-reference Our Sites’ information with any other information.

How do you use the information?

JennyCo uses personal data to power our AI and services, to process your transactions, to communicate with you, for security and fraud prevention, and to comply with the law. We may also use personal data for other purposes with your consent.

JennyCo uses your personal data only when we have a valid legal basis. Depending on the circumstance, JennyCo may rely on your consent or that the processing is necessary to fulfill a contract with you, protect your vital interests or those of other persons, or comply with the law. We may also process your personal data where we believe it is in our or othersʼ legitimate interests, taking into consideration your interests, rights, and expectations. If you have questions about the legal basis, contact the Data Protection Officer at

Power Our Services. Apple collects personal data necessary to power our services, including personal data collected to improve our offerings for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, or troubleshooting. For example, if you would like to access or purchase an item through a JennyCo subscription, we collect data on what items or services you purchase to provide you with the content requested and for JCO Token allocation purposes.

Process Your Transactions. JennyCo must collect data such as your name, purchase, and payment information to process transactions.

Communicate with You. To respond to communications, reach out to you about your transactions or account, market our products and services, provide other relevant information, or request information or feedback. From time to time, we may use your personal data to send important notices, such as communications about purchases and changes to our terms, conditions, and policies. Because this information is essential to your interaction with JennyCo, you may not opt-out of receiving these important notices.

Security and Fraud Prevention. To protect individuals, employees, and JennyCo for loss prevention and to prevent fraud, including protecting individuals, employees, and JennyCo for the benefit of all our users, and prescreening or scanning uploaded content for potentially illegal content, including child sexual exploitation material.

Personal Data Used for Personalization. JennyCo will use the information we collect to offer personalized services, recommendations, or communications if you choose to personalize your services or communications where such options are available. You can learn more about how relevant services use the information to personalize your experience by reviewing the privacy information presented when you first use a service (like a group DAO) that asks to use your personal data. We make this information easy to find with our Data & Privacy icon; it's available at all times on your JennyCo app and online at

Comply with Law. To comply with applicable law — for example, to satisfy tax or reporting obligations or to comply with a lawful governmental request.

JennyCo does not use algorithms or profiling (ethnic or otherwise) to make any decision that would significantly affect you without the opportunity for human review.

JennyCo retains personal data only for so long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, including as described in this Privacy Policy or our service-specific privacy notices, as required by the law; or as indicated by the contributor. We will retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, our service-specific privacy summaries, and for potential mining by outside corporate entities. When assessing retention periods, we first carefully examine whether it is necessary to retain the personal data collected and, if retention is required, work to maintain the personal data for the shortest possible period permissible under law.

Generally. Generally, non-personally identifiable information we gather from you may be used within our company to perform in-house assessments of how our customers use our site and/or our products and to screen for potential risk and fraud. We also use this information for the purpose of responding to your requests and communicating with you, as well as to improve our company and to provide you with the best possible shopping experience. We may use your non-personally identifiable information by itself or aggregate it with information we have obtained from other customers or other sources. We may, among other things, share or sell non-personally identifiable information to third parties to achieve certain business objectives. However, it is important to remember that your non-personally identifiable information is anonymous information that does not personally identify you. The personally identifiable information you submit to us is generally used to carry out your requests, respond to your inquiries, better serve you, or in other ways naturally associated with the circumstances in which you provided the information. We may also use this information to later contact you for a variety of reasons, such as customer service or providing you with promotional information for our products. You may opt-out of receiving future promotional information from us; however, the use of certain Website services may be conditioned on your ongoing consent to provide you with promotional information.

Site activity information. We keep track of the actions you take, such as the pages you visit, how long you visit, the links you click on, form submissions, downloads, and purchases.

Access Device and Browser Information. When you access our site from a computer, mobile phone, or other devices, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, location, and IP address, as well as the pages you visit.

Cookie, Log File, and Beacon Information. We use cookies, log files, and web beacons to make our site easier to use and to make our advertising better. For example, we use them to store your e-mail address or login ID (but never your password) to make it easier for you to log in whenever you come back to our site. We also use them to confirm when you reach certain pages on our website (like a download or checkout page). Cookies, log files, and web beacons are used to tell us when you are interacting with our advertisements and to personalize the ads you see about us. Log files track actions occurring on a site and collect data, including your IP address, browser type, internet service provider, referring/exit pages, and data/time stamps. Web beacons, tags, and pixels are electronic files used to record information about how you browse a site.

Advertising. We partner with third-party ad networks to either display advertising on our website or manage our advertising on other sites. We use remarketing (also known as retargeting) and display advertising across multiple networks, including, but not limited to, Google, Facebook, and Taboola. Our ad network partners and other third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activities on this and other websites to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests on sites across the internet. We may target ads based on data provided by clients or partners in combination with the data we collect ourselves. For more information on how targeted advertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s educational page at: The data provided by third parties may originate both online and offline. JennyCo may share the aggregate information it collects with advertisers, business partners, sponsors, and other third parties. Our advertising partners, including but not limited to Google, also place persistent cookies on your device when you visit our website or our advertisers’ websites in order to help us recognize you and serve relevant advertisements to you when you visit their website or online service or websites in their networks.

Email Marketing. JennyCo maintains several lists of subscribers who have asked to receive periodic email updates. Any recipient of a JennyCo email may unsubscribe from future messages via a link at the bottom of each email message. We do not sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise disclose our list subscribers to persons or organizations outside the Website. Messages sent from JennyCo to email subscribers may include a tracking pixel to provide basic aggregate analytics such as the percentage of recipients who opened an email or clicked on a link in an email, the percentage of subscribers using various email clients, and the number of times an email was forwarded or printed. Our email analytics providers also offer the capability to view some data, such as whether a mass email was opened, at an individual level for 30 days after an email was sent; as a matter of policy and practice, this data is only viewed on an aggregate basis. In compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, all emails sent from our organization will clearly state who the email is from and provide clear information on how to contact the sender. In addition, all email messages will also contain concise information on how to remove yourself from our mailing list so that you receive no further email communication from us. Our site provides users the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our partners by following the unsubscribe instructions located at the bottom of any email they receive from us at any time. Users who no longer wish to receive our newsletter or promotional materials may opt-out of receiving these communications by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

Links. When you follow a link to an external site, you are leaving and our partner sites and are subject to the privacy and security policies of the owners/sponsors of the external site. and our partner sites do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of the information contained in a linked site. We also do not endorse the organizations or individuals maintaining sites that we link, any views they express, or any products/services they offer.

Below is the current list of official JennyCo Inc pages on third-party websites.

Use of Testimonials. In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, please be aware of the following: Testimonials that appear on this site are received via text, audio, or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real-life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way. They are individual results, and results vary. We do not claim that they are typical results. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services. The testimonials displayed in any form on this site (text, audio, video, or other) are reproduced verbatim, except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some may have been shortened. In other words, the whole message received from the testimonial writer may not be displayed when it seems too lengthy, or the whole statement is not relevant to the general public. JennyCo is not responsible for any of the opinions or comments posted on or any other of Our Sites. JennyCo is not a forum for testimonials; however, provides testimonials as a means for customers to share their experiences with one another. To protect against abuse, all testimonials appear after they have been reviewed by the management of JennyCo. JennyCo does not share the opinions, views, or commentary of any testimonials on or any other of Our Sites – the opinions are strictly the views of the testimonial source. The testimonials are never intended to make claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Any such claims, implicit or explicit, in any shape or form, have not been clinically tested or evaluated.

Third-Party Vendors. In order to do business with you, we need to share some of your PII with third-party vendors for performing services that you have requested on our behalf, such as processing your payments and shipping your orders. For example, we use Shopify to power our online store. Our vendors agree to use this information, and we share information with them, only to carry out our requests. Additionally, all third-party companies we use to conduct business with have their own privacy policies that protect your identity and privacy. You can read more about how Shopify uses your information here: You can read more about how Google uses your information here:

Legal Requirements. Regardless of any other provision in this privacy policy, we reserve the right to disclose any PII or non-personally identifiable information about you if we are required to do so by law, with respect to copyright and other intellectual property infringement claims, or if we believe that such action is necessary to: (a) fulfill a government request; (b) conform with the requirements of the law or legal process; (c) protect or defend our legal rights or property, Our Sites, or other users; or (d) in an emergency to protect the health and safety of our customers or the general public.

Do Not Track. Please note that we do not alter Our Sites’ data collection and use practices when we see a Do Not Track signal from your browser.

What Personal Data Does Jennyco Share?

JennyCo may share personal data with JennyCo-affiliated companiesservice providers who act on our behalf, partnersdevelopers, miners, publishers, or others at your direction. Further, JennyCo does not share personal data with third parties, without your permission.

Service Providers. JennyCo may engage third parties to act as our service providers and perform specific tasks on our behalf, such as processing or storing personal data, in connection with your use of our services and delivering products to customers. JennyCo service providers must handle personal data consistent with this Privacy Policy and according to our instructions. They cannot use the personal data we share for their purposes and must delete or return the personal data once they've fulfilled our request.

Partners. JennyCo may sometimes partner with third parties to provide services, mining of healthcare data, or other offerings. For example, JennyCo mining and portal offerings are offered by JennyCo to our partners. JennyCo requires its partners to protect your personal and aggregated de-identified data.

Developers and Publishers from Whom You Get a JennyCo Subscription. If you purchase a third-party subscription from the App Store, we create a Subscriber ID unique to you and the developer or publisher. The Subscriber ID may provide reports to the developer or publisher, including information about your purchased subscription and country of residence. If you cancel all of your subscriptions from a particular developer or publisher, the Subscriber ID will reset after 180 days if you do not resubscribe. This information is provided to developers or publishers so they can understand their subscriptions' performance.

Others. JennyCo may share personal data with others at your direction or with your consent, such as when we share information with your carrier to activate your account. We may also disclose information about you if we determine that disclosure is necessary or appropriate for national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance. We may also disclose information about you where there is a lawful basis for doing so if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions, protect our operations or users, or in the event of a reorganization, merger, or sale.

Transfer of Personal Data Between Countries

JennyCo's products and offerings connect you to the world through your data that may be transferred to or accessed by entities worldwide. Including JennyCo-affiliated companies and/or partners, to perform processing activities described in this Privacy Policy in connection with your use of our products and services. In addition, JennyCo complies with laws on transferring personal data between countries to help ensure your data is protected, wherever it may be.

The JennyCo entity that controls your data may differ depending on where you live. For example, retail in-app information is handled by individual retail entities in each country, and JennyCo Services-related personal data may be controlled by various JennyCo entities as reflected in the terms of service. If you do not reside in the U.S., your data may be processed by JennyCo Inc. and other JennyCo-affiliated companies on behalf of the JennyCo entity controlling personal data for your jurisdiction. For example, Imagery, Healthcare, and associated data collected by JennyCo around the world to improve JennyCo recommendation services and to support our AI recommendation feature are transferred to JennyCo Inc. in California.

Personal data relating to individuals in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland is controlled by JennyCo Distribution International Limited. JennyCo's international transfer of personal data collected in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland are governed by Standard Contractual Clauses. In addition, JennyCo's international transfer of personal data collected in participating Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) countries abides by the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) System and Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) System for the transfer of personal data. Contact our third-party dispute resolution provider if you have questions or unresolved concerns about our APEC CBPR or PRP certifications.

JennyCo may process personal data relating to individuals in China's mainland in countries outside China's mainland. Where this occurs, it will be done in compliance with local laws, including the Personal Information Protection Law. In addition, as outlined in this Privacy Policy, JennyCo may also transfer such personal data to third parties, who may, in turn, store or transfer the data outside of mainland China.

What are the user’s rights and responsibilities?

Intellectual Property Rights. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights in and on our website and all content and software located on the site shall remain the sole property of JennyCo Inc or its licensors. The use of our trademarks, content, and intellectual property is forbidden without expressed written consent from JennyCo Inc.

You must not:

  • Republish material from our website without prior written consent. Sell or rent material from our website.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, create derivatives from, copy or otherwise exploit material on our website for any purpose.
  • Redistribute any content from our website, including onto another website.

Acceptable Use. You agree to use our website only for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of Our Sites. Prohibited behavior includes harassing or causing distress or inconvenience to any other user, transmitting obscene or offensive content, or disrupting the normal flow of dialogue within our website. You must not use our website to send unsolicited commercial communications. You must not use the content on our website for any marketing-related purpose without our express written consent.

Restricted Access. We may in the future need to restrict access to parts (or all) of our website and reserve full rights to do so. If at any point, we provide you with a username and password for you to access restricted areas of our website, you must ensure that both your username and password are kept confidential.

What control does the customer have over their personal information?

1. Unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe from our e-mail list by clicking the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of any e-mail communication we send you. If you want us to remove all personal information – including name, e-mail, and mailing address, please contact with your request to delete your profile.

2. Cookies. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to use our site. Before blocking cookies – we highly recommend reading why cookies are good here:

3. Opt-Out. You may opt-out of the placement of cookies by many of these advertisers here.

To opt-out of Facebook advertising visit –

To opt-out of Google advertising visit – Google Analytics –

To opt-out of Perfect Audience advertising visit –

How do you protect the information?

1. Generally. We take reasonable precautions to protect Our Sites and information automatically collected by Our Sites or voluntarily submitted to Our Sites. For example, we restrict access to information collected by or submitted to Our Sites to employees who access it to perform their duties. Access to JennyCo’s accounts on third-party sites is limited to the staff who administer those accounts.

2. Technical Controls. We also utilize commonly used practices and technical controls to protect your information and Our Sites. These practices and controls include but are not limited to, encrypting the transfer of personal information over the Internet via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), using high-strength firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) to safeguard personal information, and maintaining strict technical controls and procedures to ensure the integrity of all data on and our partner sites. We periodically review our processes and systems to verify compliance with industry best practices and ensure the highest level of security for our website.

3. Children and Privacy on Our Sites. We believe in the importance of protecting the privacy of children online and do not knowingly contact or collect personal information from individuals under 18. You must be at least 18 years old to access Our Sites, and Our Sites are not intended to solicit information of any kind from children under 18. If you are under 18 years old, you are not permitted to use Our Sites for any reason. You must be of the legal age required by the state or province you are in to purchase our products. It is your responsibility to know whether you are legally able to purchase our products. To notify us of our receipt of information by individuals under 18, please contact us

4. Secure Transmission. E-mail is not recognized as a secure medium of communication. For this reason, we request that you do not send private information to us by e-mail. However, doing so is allowed, but at your own risk. Some of the information you may enter on our website may be transmitted securely via a secure medium known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. Credit Card information and other sensitive information is never transmitted via e-mail.

5. Monitoring. For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, JennyCo Inc uses software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

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Effective October 4, 2022